How do I send an eKey via the mobile app?

"Note: To send an eKey in the app, you must be an Owner or Admin user of the desired lock.
From the Main Menu in the App:

  1. Choose the lock you would like to share access to.
  2. Select "Send an eKey"
  3. Select the eKey recipient by selecting from your Kevō Users, device Contacts, or Add by Email
  4. Tap on the type of eKey you wish to send; Anytime, Scheduled, or Guest
  5. Set any related eKey options, depending upon the type of eKey you choose
  6. To send the eKey, tap the blue glowing button on the "Tap to Send eKey" Screen
  7. Optional: Include a message with your eKey, by tapping on "+ Add a message" in blue on the "Tap to Send eKey" Screen


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