Kevo 3.0 For IOS

Kevo 3.0 for iOS

We’ve just released an all new app for Kevo on iOS and we’re excited to share the updates with you. After reading all of the consumer feedback in the app store the improvements we made impact three key experiences when using Kevo products, Touch-to-Open response, in-app locking performance, and battery life. Download the new app today!

With a simple tap Kevo smart locks allow you to enter your home, and with our new app Touch-to-Open technology is getting even faster. Our engineering teams took a look at how your iPhone and Kevo smart lock interact and improved communication between the two. This means faster, more consistent, Touch-to-Open interactions.

In-App Performance
The improved Bluetooth communication also improves the in app experience with Kevo. Locking and unlocking through the app is even faster than before when using your smart lock in Bluetooth range. And with Kevo Plus you’ll get all those benefits from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Battery Life
Our team has also reworked the way that the Kevo app uses your iPhone battery. We’ve optimized the interactions between the phone and the lock, reducing the amount of power that the Kevo app uses when running in the background. Additionally, with the Bluetooth optimizations, there is further improvement in battery life.

If you own a Kevo and use iOS devices to manage the security on your home, please update to the newest version of the app as soon as you can to experience the best that Kevo has to offer. If you need any assistance, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-566-1986.


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